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SGS Forged Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapter

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SGS Forged Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapter

SGS Forged Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapter
SGS Forged Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapter SGS Forged Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapter SGS Forged Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapter SGS Forged Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapter

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Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:
Hàng hiệu: HL
Số mô hình: LG50 LG816 LG818 LG820 LG856 LG890
Thanh toán:
Số lượng đặt hàng tối thiểu: 1 chiếc
Giá bán: Negotiable
chi tiết đóng gói: Pallet gỗ loại xuất khẩu hoặc hộp gỗ
Thời gian giao hàng: 15 ngày làm việc
Điều khoản thanh toán: T / TL / C, D / A, D / P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Khả năng cung cấp: 10.000 một tuần

SGS Forged Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapter

Sự miêu tả
Vật chất: Thép hợp kim Ứng dụng: Máy xúc & máy xúc & máy xúc & máy đào
Sử dụng: công cụ khai thác & xây dựng & thu hút mặt đất Các ngành áp dụng: Cửa hàng sửa chữa máy móc, nhà máy sản xuất
Certifiion: SGS Certifie
Điểm nổi bật:

Bộ chuyển đổi răng gầu máy xúc SGS LG50


bộ chuyển đổi răng gầu máy xúc SGS rèn


bộ chuyển đổi gầu máy xúc SGS LG50

High Quality Construction Machinery Forged Spare Parts Alloy Steel Forged Excavator Forged Bucket Adapter


The Excavator Bucket Adapter accurate design standards and use quality-tested raw material that ensures in them features like minimum cleaning, high durability, corrosion resistance, optimal design and low maintenance requirements.


Product Process:

HL brand forged bucket adapter adopt advanced forging technology, self-developed custom forged special steel, through precision forging to improve its internal structure and mechanical properties, unique heat treatment process, the product has high strength, high wear resistance, fatigue resistance, so that the product can be used The life span is extended several times, thereby reducing maintenance time and construction costs.


Forged bucket teeth Forged adapter
model Part Number model Part Number
VOLVO210/V290/Flat tooth /14530544/117-01371 VOLVO210/V290-40/start to talk /117101620-40
VOLVO210/V290/Sharp teeth /14530544RC/117-01371RC VOLVO360/460/T55-50/start to talk /14550464-50
VOLVO210/V290/Bucket ice breaking teeth /14530544RC/117-01371RC VOLVO360/460/T55-60/start to talk /14550464-60
VOLVO360/460/T55/Flat tooth /14536800/14537843 VOLVO480-60/start to talk /14556465-60
VOLVO360/460/T55/Sharp teeth /14536800RC/14537843RC R215/R225/R290-40/start to talk /61N8-31320
VOLVO360/460/T55/Bucket ice breaking teeth /14536800TL/14537843TL SK200-35/start to talk /SK200-35
VOLVO480/Sharp teeth /14553244RC Liugong862/Liugong50-40/start to talk /LG50-40
VOLVO480/Bucket ice breaking teeth /14553244TL D85 D85
PC56/DH55/Kubota155/Flat tooth /18S D90 D90
PC56/DH55/Kubota155/Sharp teeth /18SRC forging Protection block-40-50/start to talk/Single side  
EX60/EX70/Horizontal pins/Flat tooth /021S1 forging Protection block/Widen  
EX60/EX70/Horizontal pins/Sharp teeth /021S1RC forging Bucket corner block  
EX100/Flat tooth /25S/Vertical pins forging Wear block350*80  
EX100/Sharp teeth /25SRC/Vertical pins forging Wear strip450*50  
EX120/Flat tooth /30S forging Knife Angle PlatePC60/left  
EX200/Flat tooth /35S forging Knife Angle PlatePC60/right  
R200/Flat tooth /E161-3027/1171-00041    
R200/Sharp teeth /E161-3027RC/1171-00041RC    
R215/R225/R290/Sharp teeth /6106-31310RC/61N8-31310RC    
R350/R360/Sharp teeth /61NA-31310RC    
SY60/Flat tooth /LD60T    
SY60/Sharp teeth /LD60TRC    
SY75/Flat tooth /LD100T    
SY75/Sharp teeth /LD100TRC    
Ripper/6Y0309 /6Y0309    
D85/D155/Ripper/Flat tooth /175-78-31230    
D85/D155/Ripper/Bucket ice breaking teeth /175-78-31230TL    
D90/Ripper/Flat tooth /4T5502    
D90/Ripper/Bucket ice breaking teeth /4T5502TL    
JCB 3CX/53103205 /332-C4388-333/D8455    
SK200/Flat tooth /SK200    
SK200/Sharp teeth /SK200RC    
SK200/Bucket ice breaking teeth /SK200TL    
SK230/Sharp teeth /SK230RC    


 SGS Forged Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapter 0SGS Forged Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapter 1SGS Forged Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapter 2


1. Are you a trader or a manufacturer?

We are a specialized machinery parts manufacturing company integrating product development, production, sales and service.


2. How to determine the parts are suitable for my excavator?

Please provide us with the correct model/machine serial number/any part number, or measure the part size, drawing.


3. What is your minimum order quantity?

There is no limit to this, it depends on the number of products you buy.


4. What are your advantages in the machinery manufacturing industry?

We have a strong spot inventory, fast delivery time, adopt the latest production technology and craftsmanship, high-quality products, and the best customer service.


5. How is the packaging of the goods?

Standard export packaging, wooden boxes, pallets, or according to customer requirements.


6. How long is the delivery time?

For products in stock, the delivery time is 2-7 days after the order is confirmed, and 15-25 days for other products. The specific need to communie and negotiate.


7. Can we customize products with our brand?

Of course, we welcome cooperation to customize OEM/ODM product services, which can be completed from design, production, packaging, and logistics.


8. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We usually accept T/T, L/C or Western Union. Other payment methods can also be negotiated.


9. Can you provide after-sales service?

Of course, we have professional after-sales technicians to help you solve the problems you encounter.


10. What other services can you provide?

10-1. Warranty for one year, free replacement for damage with abnormal wear.

10-2. Provide technical support to customers.

10-3. Help you develop the market.

10-4. Exclusive agent VIP treatment.

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